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Meet the Data Success Team

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  • Nick

Why join Data Success?

The team is at the nexus of many of Sift’s business-critical areas, working with customers, sales, and ML teams. An engineer here has lots of opportunity for impact and growth in many directions:
- If you want to be an expert in reliable production systems — the team is at the forefront of driving high-reliability, low-latency, customer-facing systems accepting tens of thousands of requests per second. We are on the critical path for many major companies’ order flows — if we fail, they fail. As we take on more Fortune 500 customers with even stricter requirements and orders of magnitude more traffic, we’ll need to up our game even more and champion customer-facing service excellence across our whole Engineering team.
- If you want to work with analysis of streams of data at scale — we track and validate data streaming in from hundreds of different customer integrations, providing metrics for ourselves, our sales team and our customers. In the year ahead, the challenge is to level up and build systems to detect anomalies and provide real-time alerts for our customers and ourselves, spotting issues within our customers’ systems before they realize it themselves.
- If you want challenging API design problems — we own APIs that hundreds of customers use that feed data to multiple different ML use cases. Our API design and documentation earns praise from our customers and incites fear in our competitors. Yet there’s much more to do to provide better, easier APIs for many future customers, maintaining simplicity and ease-of-use as we grow to support more customers and more ways to stop fraud.
- If you want to build software that will run on billions of devices — our Mobile SDKs and Javascript SDK run in devices all over the world, producing device fingerprints that give fraudsters nowhere to hide. In the year to come, we’ll build the next-generation architectures for our client-side software for better performance, higher reliability and smarter data collection on the path to world-class fraudster-tracking.
- If you want to get into machine learning and data science — we are data-driven about our data, and use experiments and analysis to inform our customers and ML teams about what data delivers the biggest impact, which in turn drives our API design. Yet we’ve only scratched the surface and will continue to research how we can deliver maximal accuracy with minimal customer effort, helping our customers and our internal teams to succeed.

And as you might have guessed, one final reason is that you'll have a tremendous breadth of opportunity for learning and contributing. If that sounds good, visit our careers page or apply now!

What does the team do?

We're responsible for all of Sift's data ingestion, which is the lifeblood of our ability to identify and predict fraud. This includes:
- Customer-facing REST APIs that handle thousands of requests per second
- iOS and Android SDKs, as well as a Javascript SDK that runs on customer sites, and device fingerprinting to track fraudsters
- A developer console that provides metrics and tools for our customers to integrate quickly and easily with our platform
- Client libraries that help our customers integrate

What is the team like?

We're all pretty close (literally in the same row of desks) and generally a pretty low-key bunch. We're often quietly working but will take quick breaks for discussions of graphing libraries, San Francisco restaurants or other essential things. We take immense pride in building great technology and treating each other well.

What does an average day on the team look like?

Our team is nimble, compact, and highly efficient. We prefer talking across our desks to formal meetings, and have frequent design syncs and check-ins to keep everybody looped in. The work we do bridges machine learning, APIs, platform, mobile, and console – we're not afraid to dive in and do whatever it takes to ship great products.

Above: The team at work. We sit close together and are available to help each other with work when needed.

Left: The team at play. We'll go out to dinner (pictured is just outside the San Francisco Ferry Terminal), as well as guest bartend for Sift social events and star in karaoke performances.


Dropwizard and Java

React, Backbone, Jasmine and Gulp

iOS and Android SDK






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